Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Marriage Ref

Blogosphere: I have a favour to ask...

But first, the Marriage Ref. Anyone seen it? Its ITV1's new Saturday night offering presented by Dermot O'Leary, in which married couples have some squabble or other refereed by a panel of 3 celebrities of the whimsical, comedic or pop culture variety. Kinda like Question Time, except far, far more serious.

Some of the scenarios are classic TV casting. Find some wierdos who trawl ads from TV producers which ask: "Are you a moron? If so, contact Clare at Wearegonnamercilesslyripthepissoutofyou Productions on "; then, once their bona fide stupidy is verified, stick a camera in front of them. Take one of the couples from last Saturday's episode for example - the husband is a magician and brings his work home and insists on practicing incessantly all of his tricks to/on his poor wife. Often its the same trick over and over again, the same crummy patter, etc. In a previous week's episode there was the "hysterical" chap who constantly played practical jokes on his wife. Things like: hiding behind doors and jumping out to give them a fright, pulling her hair, poking her face, calling her by different names in the supermarket. You could say its all fairly innocent stuff for the most part, but multiply the annoying factor by around 30, and you are either gonna have a coronary, or your gonna be facing 30 years behind bars before long.

After a bit of VT explaining the extent of the problem, the couple are brought out to face questions from the panel, who then vote to decide who's side they are on, with the winner gaining some concession like carrying on with their stupifyingly annoying habit with impunity, or to give it up entirely. The fact that some middle ground is likely to be the most realistic solution is neither here nor there. Oprah this ain't.

So, back to my request for help.

Mrs randomandoccasional (aka @cupotea) and I have an ongoing "argument" that I would like you, the blogosphere, to adjudicate. You see, she has this habit of putting lights on when they are not needed. Now, she's not long had a eye test and was given the all clear - her vision is as near as damn 20-20. But during the day when there is plenty of natural light, she'll have nearly every light on in our wee flat. Granted there may be occassions when you need a little extra light, even in the day time - so that is to be expected. But when you are in the living room watching TV you don't really need the lights in the hall and bathroom to remain on.

Now, I'm not unreasonable, I just want to be able to switch off lights that are not required - i.e. if no-one is in the room; and not to get shouted at for switching off lights during daylight hours.

If you read this post, please comment on whether you agree with me - that this light obsession is too much; or Mrs randomandoccasional - that she should put on lights whenever and wherever she goddamn pleases without me going round switching them all off.

I'll tally up the scores in a week's time and agree to abide by your decision. Nae pressure!

In my final plea, I ask you all to think of the environment. The penguins need our help. Wont anyone think of the penguins?


NB - At the time of writing, Mrs randomandoccassional has not yet read this post and has not had the opportunity to put across her side of the argument. So if at some point down the line you wish to change your mind just let me know and I'll update the vote.

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