Sunday, 26 June 2011

Well hello there

Welcome to randomandoccasional.

My good lady (@cupotea) has been on at me for a while to start a personal blog, so here it is.

I wont have time to post regularly. Nor will there be any discernable theme - not for now at any rate. That may change of course, but be assured, I will probably be as much in the dark as you.


  1. As you can see, its pretty basic so far. I will learn some bells and whistles at a later date.

  2. And my second! This blogging malarkey is a doddle! If I'd known it was so easy to get folk talking I would have done this hours ago.

  3. w00t! Blogging from the Stewart, this is all very exciting :)

  4. @paddymade I am open to the idea of a guest post from any fan club members, especially founding members